“Jason is amazing! He can ask you just a few questions and put together a FUN, interactive way to engage a team of people. He really knows how to inspire and create a way to engage people to take action. Thank you Jason for offering such an amazing service and talent!”
Michelle Weinstein, President, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

“Jason is an amazing individual who inspires and reminds us to always give our best.”
Greg S. Reid, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, San Diego, CA

“Jason is like a shot of B12.”
DeAnn, Real Estate Agent, Sioux Falls, SD

“This was without a doubt the best team building and motivational staff event I have ever experienced. Jason shared with us not only the effect laughter can have on a team, but the importance of positive thinking and acting.”
Chef Amy Warren, Owner and COO of Chef Amy’s Cafe 334, Sioux Falls, SD

“Jason’s talk made me remember limitations are truly only something we impose on ourselves, so we can also take them away. You showed with your personal story that anything is possible.  To never stop trying even when you get frustrated.”
Ashley Dawn, Executive Assistant, San Diego, CA

“Jason Freeman took my students from zero to 60 in under ten seconds… I’ve had the privilege of seeing Freeman speak to students and professionals, and without question he’s one of the best – highly recommended!”
Gary Dop, Writer and Professor, Minneapolis, MN

“Jason’s presentation helped me understand there should never be a moment where I underestimate myself and that I am able to do whatever I put my mind to.”
Alina, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA