“Jason coached me via phone for one hour- I have already implemented some of the strategies and feel more in charge of my life!  He was able to help me pinpoint an area I glossed over as ‘vague’ and hit the VIP issues head on.  I still hear his voice encouraging me to be strong – a message close to my heart.  Thank you, Jason.”
Deb May, Yoga Teacher

“As a Professional Speaker myself, I have spent the last seven years working on my skills and knowledge to be able to present successfully to audiences around the world.  Your presentation left me speechless and in tears.  Not many can speak from the heart in the way you did.  I’m jealous…  Go for it!” Merv Neal, CEO Maurant Business Associates, Melbourne, Australia

“Jason is amazing! He can ask you just a few questions and put together a FUN, interactive way to engage a team of people. He really knows how to inspire and create a way to engage people to take action. Thank you Jason for offering such an amazing service and talent!”
Michelle Weinstein, President, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

“Jason is an amazing individual who inspires and reminds us to always give our best.”
Greg S. Reid, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, San Diego, CA

Jason helped me re-focus on “The Big Picture” and realize that I am the only obstacle and leverage between my dreams and my reality.  He helped me value all I have:  health, family, friends, job, dreams, support.
Dennise Pico, Community Leader/Jr. Nutritionist, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

“Wow! So great to see somebody embrace their human state of being as a contribution to who they are, that what others consider to not be the norm is actually a catalyst  to seeing the greatness in themselves, in others, as being human.”
Laurence McCaskill, Manager, San Diego, CA

Jason’s “funstorming” exercise inspired me to think about my job as more than just “work”, but a fun and enjoyable environment where I am supported and encouraged by my colleagues to reach my goals.  This exercise allowed me to think out of the box and come up with ideas that involve working hard and having a great time at the same time! I admire Jason and the message he delivers through all of his exercises, he is a true inspiration!
Nicole Felton, Community Leader, FITzee Foods, San Diego, CA

“Jason is like a shot of B12.”
DeAnn, Real Estate Agent, Sioux Falls, SD

“Jason’s talk made me remember limitations are truly only something we impose on ourselves, so we can also take them away. You showed with your personal story that anything is possible.  To never stop trying even when you get frustrated.”
Ashley Dawn, Executive Assistant, San Diego, CA