My Story



At birth, I created a bit of a ruckus and lost oxygen in the process.  As I grew, I developed a one-of-a-kind accent commonly called a speech impediment.  Also as a kid, I had substantial coordination difficulties.  For instance, in seventh grade, I actually threw a shot put backwards during a track meet!

I spent much of my life strongly disliking not being “normal.”  At least I accomplished a good deal while feeling badly about myself, although, I wouldn’t recommend this type of motivation.  I graduated college with a double major in English and Social Work.  I earned a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry.  And, for ten years, I worked for an organization that served people with developmental disabilities.  This was an extremely rewarding job.  On a daily basis, I was seeing the best in other people. Unfortunately, I was still often seeing the worst in myself.

What I discovered from this extensive research project in self-loathing is that constant self-criticism is draining and destructive.  About seven years ago, desperate for a change, I went to a yoga class and then another and another and then lots more.  I began to fall in love with my body and my voice.  This love was definitely not love at first sight. My love for myself blossomed slowly as I engaged in more and more activities that brought me joy.  By treating myself with love, I finally realized the freedom we all have–the freedom to love ourselves, imperfections and all.

Now I can proudly say:  I love my voice.  I love my coordination.  I love me.