My Story


Note from me- I’ve discovered that our own story is sometimes the hardest to tell.  I spend my days helping people gain new powerful perspectives on their lives, but still every time I’ve sat down to write my own story so far it hasn’t come out the way I wanted it.

I am grateful to my good friend Ina for writing the below story about my journey:

Most of us go through life taking our ability to speak for granted.  The simple statement, “Hello, my name is Jason.  It’s nice to meet you,” is pretty easy for the majority of people to say.  Many of us don’t give a second thought to saying those words when we first meet someone.

But for Jason, these everyday interactions are not something he takes for granted.

Jason was born with a very pronounced speech impediment that sometimes causes him to be viewed differently through the eyes of people he meets for the first time.

Jason’s birth came suddenly, several weeks earlier than his expected arrival date.  During the labor, Jason’s umbilical cord got kinked which cut off the oxygen supply to his brain just long enough to cause fine motor skill coordination issues and a speech impediment to develop.

This powerful entrance into the world caused Jason’s life to become an extraordinary journey of overcoming limitations.  Jason went through his first couple decades feeling insecure and very different from everyone else.  He believed that there were physical things that he would never be capable of doing, like tying his shoes, writing notes longhand, and driving a car.  He was continually tense and stressed out.  Jason lived a life that kept him believing that he would never be capable of doing the everyday things that many people take for granted.

Then about six years ago, Jason was encouraged to take a yoga class.  He thought there was no way he could do yoga.  Yet what unfolded from the day he stepped into that class, is a powerful transformation that now has him taking yoga classes up to 14 times a week.  His journey with yoga caused his body to release it’s tightness.  Practicing yoga has built his self confidence.  It has caused his stress-filled mind to calm down to a place of daily peace and powerfully honed his mental focus.  It has caused him to gain a level of physical strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination that he never thought was possible.

In fact, he never dreamed he could do a handstand pose in yoga.  But he persisted and committed to developing his body’s ability and coordination.  One of his proudest moments was the day he got into a handstand, which is the pose that fills each page on this website.  It is a symbol of turning limitations into extraordinary results.

Before he mastered doing a handstand, Jason got a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry.  His love of metaphor and symbols is reflected in his consulting style.  His love of writing and inspiration can be found in his blog.

Through his journey, Jason has realized that what he once perceived as a crippling disability is actually his greatest gift.  

Jason embarked on years of self development and cultivated a keen ear for listening to his inner wisdom, which resulted in him becoming an accomplished public speaker, author and life coach.  Throughout his life, Jason has been blessed with many teachers and friends who have guided him along his way.

Most of all, Jason has realized that he was born with a tremendous gift that is meant to be voiced as a contribution to the world.  Through committing to his journey, Jason has inspired thousands of people to listen to their inner wisdom and move beyond their beliefs their disabilities.