Going through Jason Freeman’s coaching program has given me a sense of confidence that I didn’t know existed within me.  Moreover, Jason’s unique process has opened me up to be more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been before – truly enlightening. The fear of public speaking used to own me, but after completing Jason’s program, that fear simply no longer exists.  

     Jeff Lawson, graph designer, entrepreneur, and public speaker





Do you dream of speaking to groups of people and having a strong, positive impact?  But at the same time, do you have something keeping you from accomplishing this?  We all have fears about revealing ourselves–honestly conveying what we think and feel.  Do these fears sound at all familiar?

  • If I tell my truth, nobody will care anyway.  
  • If I say what I really want to say, I will do it poorly.
  • If I articulate how I really feel, I will offend somebody.

Yet, not speaking our truth is remaining silent about who we really are and what we truly want in life.  For much of my life, this pain was my daily friend.  It hurts.  Luckily, with continual practice, we can learn to honestly convey what we think and feel.  

If you are ready to step more fully into your power and speak your truth, I can guide you through this process that can change every aspect of your life for the better.


“Jason created a space for me to give myself permission to just speak my truth about the subjects I was interested in sharing.  Because of this, I was able to fulfill a dream I had for many years, of getting on stage and speaking from the heart without notes.”    

Traci Robinson, transformational coach, and high-end real estate broker

“Jason has a very profound way of asking some questions that took me right to the issue I needed to work on.  And in his gentle way, he really pushed me to go farther than I know I would have on my own.  Jason was able to stay fully present to me and to the process and that made all the difference.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to make a shift to their next level.”     

Suzanne Waligore, Coach and Strategist, Aperio Consulting