“Jason is an intuitive guide into the patterns of our lives”- Former College Prof




Three pillars that have gotten me to where I am today are Meditation Organization Voice or MOV.  

This is how MOV has worked in my life. Under Meditation, I put my walks, the yoga classes I attend and and daily sitting meditation.  Organization includes a system to sort through my emails, powerful systems to organize and know what I want to do each day for my business and personal life, systems to keep my living space clean and clear.  Voice includes my writings, my posts on Facebook, all the public speaking I do, the coaching I do, my photos and the like.  I love that MOV has helped me forward my life in a way that would have been entirely beyond my imagination seven years ago.

I would enjoy coaching you as you develop the MOV pillars that work for you.

Please drop me a line below and let’s see if it’s a fit to work together.

 “Jason has a very profound way of asking some questions that took me right to the issue I needed to work on.  And in his gentle way, he really pushed me to go farther than I know I would have on my own.  Jason was able to stay fully present to me and to the process and that made all the difference.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to make a shift to their next level.”   Suzanne Waligore, Coach and Strategist, Aperio Consulting