“I must say, if you have been listened to by Jason Freeman,
you have been listened to on a very deep level.”

Dan Johnson, Laughter Coach, Owner of Joyful Living

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Are there areas in your life that you feel overwhelmed?

 Are there areas in your life that you want to feel more relaxed, organized and productive?


I’ve noticed that time management is one of the most common areas in which people are stopped from realizing their fullest potential. And as a Certified Laughter Life Coach, I know that consciously creating joy is the BEST WAY to grow beyond the limits we place upon ourselves.  Time management goes far beyond day planners, alert messages, and to-do lists.  Through my unique life coaching approach, time management becomes an opportunity to center and ground, figure out what’s most important to you, and from that place take deliberate and effective actions that cause transformation throughout your life.

“My session was very helpful and powerful, as I’ve learned new tools to manage my time and find clarity and happiness in my busy life.”
Carolina, Yoga Studio Manager


I have a 90-day program designed for you to experience a life-altering transformation with time — so that you can have more freedom and connection in your relationships, your health, your finances, your creative endeavors, and any area of your life where you want a breakthrough.

I’m offering you a complimentary 30 minute coaching session to see if it’s a fit for us to work together.  We’ll start by examining the areas of your personal and professional life in which you want to be more relaxed, organized and productive.  Then we’ll use that as the ground work to create sustainable changes in your life.


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 Jason Freeman, MFA, is a Certified Laughter Life Coach who offers personal coaching
in person or by phone or Skype to clients all over the world.