Jason is an intuitive guide into the patterns of our lives. 

Former College Professor


It’s time to FULLY ABLE your true potential!

It’s time for a change!  It is time stop hiding out!


I’ve known the deep pain of believing I was stuck in my disabled story.  I’ve also known sheer joy of moving through those gut-wrenching myths to creating a new life of radiant ability.  I made this journey with a speech impediment, coordination difficulties and anxiety issues.  I’ve come out on the other side.

Whatever you have going on, I’m confident that you can come out on the other side too.

As you read this, your disabled stories may well be shouting, “NO WAY!  YOU CAN’T!  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”  Our disabled stories simply like to make lots of noise, bring up heart ache from the past, paint the future full of fear.

The thoughts in your head can be so loud, but YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CAN TAKE YOU NEXT STEP FORWARD.

Jason has a very profound way of asking some questions that took me right to the issue I needed to work on.  And in his gentle way, he really pushed me to go farther than I know I would have on my own.  Jason was able to stay fully present to me and to the process and that made all the difference.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to make a shift to their next level.   Suzanne Waligore, Coach and Strategist, Aperio Consulting

Let’s talk about your next step forward.   I’m currently offering complimentary 30 minute ABILITY sessions to help you create your next step.

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 Jason Freeman, MFA, is a Certified Laughter Life Coach who offers personal coaching
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