“Jason is an intuitive guide into the patterns of our lives”- Former College Prof



Yep, I have a testimonial above my photo and one below this paragraph to try and convince you to take the leap and contact me.  I know that even filling out a contact form can sometimes feel like a big deal.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  But if you think about it, filling out the below form is just like saying “Hi Jason!”, exactly as you might if we were both at a party at my Aunt Matilda’s house.

  (I don’t have an Aunt Matilda come to think of it, so it would be really strange if we met at her house).

“Jason has a very profound way of asking some questions that took me right to the issue I needed to work on.  And in his gentle way, he really pushed me to go farther than I know I would have on my own.  Jason was able to stay fully present to me and to the process and that made all the difference.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to make a shift to their next level.”   Suzanne Waligore, Coach and Strategist, Aperio Consulting

Here’s the Matilda Contact Form

(I’m growing to love this Aunt I don’t actually have)