Find daily practices you love





Nothing is fixed about our lives. 

For most of my life, I immersed myself in limiting thought patterns based on a disability I imagined I had.  (This is like a Rosetta Stone course you avoid at all costs.) 

Now that my mind is focused on creating utter joy for myself and those around me, it’s like my mind is running on a whole new operating system.  This reboot took me a good seven years of playing with my old habits, of trying new things like yoga and meditation and fresh juice and so much else.

It all has been so worth it.  I feel ten times better in my body when than I did I was twenty.  I have twice as much energy as I did when I was 20. 

I’m now flesh and blood living a life that I couldn’t even glimpse in my wildest dreams seven years ago. 

What growth do you want to see in your life in the next seven years? 

What dreams do you want to live into? 

Find daily practices that you love that move you towards those dreams. 

Find daily practices you love.  

I found yoga.  Everyday it literally stretches me closer to my dreams.  AND I love it!

You are infinitely more powerful than the Ferrari


The game is constantly expanding.  You must appreciate this and be gentle with yourself through it.  You will not always know the next thing to say, the next thing to feel, the next thing to do.

You will seldom choose the perfectly right thing.  FYI- This is near impossible.  There’s always a left, always an up, always a down.  What matters is that you choose.  And then choose again and again and again. 

Sometimes you complain about being stuck, about having to endure the same old, same old again and again.  You are still sad about this or that.  You are still mad about this or that and it happened last year or four years and five months ago. 

You are not here to cling to old feelings as if they were your last dime.  Old feelings are definitely never your last dime.  As long as you are on this earth, you are a sensitive being.  You are capable of feeling new feeling after new feeling after new feeling. 

The small part of you wants to keep the big part of you under wraps like a mint Ferrari under a car tarp in the back of a old musty barn. Your small self will keep pooping on that tarp like a flock of pigeons who has just eaten a bunch of cracked corn with Ex Lax mixed in. 

But through your small self may poop on the tarp, it can never take away that you are a Ferrari capable of beautiful movement, capable of feeling awe and inspiring awe. 

Ferrari’s are of course built to move.  Built to take off on courageous journeys. 

The most dangerous place for a Ferrari is under the tarp because the wear and tear of not moving is exhausting.  Things get brittle.  Things get painful.  Old stories play again and again like a rerun of Beverly Hillbillies on a staticky black and white TV.

Nothing against the Beverly Hillbillies once, but the hundredth time, is a good indication that it’s high time to fire the Ferrari up and go for a ride. 

“Life is a highway” says a popular song by who knows who.  Life is a highway and within you is the desire, the power and the energy to ride it (all night long). 

Sometimes you need rest to heal what is causing you pain.  More often you need movement.  Fall in love with how you can move your thoughts.  Fall in love with how you can move your emotions.  Fall in love with how you can move your actions.

There’s no greater truth than that you are truly free.  You are infinitely more powerful than the Ferrari.  The Ferrari is just a metaphor.  But you are love.  You are energy.  You are miracles. You are. 

You’ve spent long enough fretting about what you are not.  Today be exactly what you are.

The Future That Is Smaller Than Who We Are



I’m downright elated that I didn’t achieve the goals I set for myself 10 years ago. Why? Because they were small goals. They were goals that didn’t include living in San Diego, doing yoga all the time and feeling better in my body than I did when I was 20. They were goals that didn’t include being a public speaker and coaching people to be their best.

The future we craft for ourselves in our future goals seems to often be a future smaller than our true potential.

Why? Because life happens. We grow, practice, develop new skills and perspectives on life. We meet new people who help us as we help them. And opportunities come our way that we couldn’t even fathom. I say bet on your life turning out far better than you imagine today. Sure make goals and have a vision.

But also be open to something far greater!

What are somethings about your life that have turned out far better than expected?

No Disability Is Larger Than Human Potential



It’s completely impossible for a body to be disabled at birth. A baby is pure creation, pure ability. People only become limited when they start to imagine creating the life they want is impossible.

Know this- There is absolutely no disability that’s larger than the human potential to create an adaptation to overcome it.

Truly the only disability is the false belief that one is without creative options. So often out of fear, we believe we are stuck and convey this belief to others. But the truth is that it’s within all human beings’ power to adapt to any temporary disability.

When I was three years old, I couldn’t see the creative being that I would become in my thirties. The thing about creating beyond our limitations is that it’s a cumulative process. It doesn’t happen all at once.

As a toddler, Steve Jobs couldn’t see the force that Apple would become today. (Maybe I use so many Steve Jobs references in my posts because I type them on a MacBook Pro and absolutely love it.)

Beyond what we currently perceive to be our limits, we have the potential to create things others love. The best creation is creating a life for ourselves that we are deeply appreciative of and that brings us joy.

Why is this the best thing we can create? Because we want joy to become the new worldwide norm. As we become more and more in joy with who we are, this joy ripples out into the world much faster than the speed of light.

What thoughts does this post bring up?

Confessions of a Reformed Hoarder






For years, I was a hoarder (and I never even made it onto the show, what’s up with that?).

I was hoarding my writings. I would write and write and share a very small portion of it with anybody.

I was hoarding my ability to be physically active. Sure I would walk like a madman. But any other physical activity? You could about forget about it.

I was hoarding my stuff. I used to save stuff from old Coke Cans, to old ticket stubs, to papers I no longer needed.

I was hoarding my voice out of fear that what I had to say wasn’t valuable, that people would dislike how it sounded, and that I didn’t speak fast enough.

And I was hoarding my money, out of fear that bad things would happen in the future, out of fear that I would get old and sick, and out of fear that I would never be more than my disability. (Just to clarify, it is wonderful to save and invest, but I was doing it out of fear instead of love.

In my process of expanding beyond this mentality, I’ve invested over 50 thousand in different forms of business and personal coaching. 50K is a huge investment for me at this point in my career.

I don’t regret any of it. What I’ve found is as I invest in coaching, I grow, the world around me grows, and whole new realities become possible.

Last week, I spoke at a college in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The original plan was that Kyle Cease was doing the gig and was going to invite me up to talk for 10 or 15 minutes during it. Well, it ended up that Kyle got stuck in Chicago. Suddenly, Kyle asked me if I could do the gig.

I’m so grateful that I had the skills to say YES with confidence. Five years ago, I wouldn’t have and the students at Wilkes-Barre would have been without a speaker.

What are your reflections on what I’ve said here?

The Best Gift I Could Have Asked For


I wouldn’t be anywhere without the gift of a wonderful home that my parents gave me growing up and then all the ways they have found to extend the benefits of home to me since I left home.

Even though I’m completely in love with living in San Diego, I still miss Sioux Falls and am fascinated to keep up with what’s going on in town. Mom understands this so she cuts newspaper clippings from the local paper and sends them to me. Dad calls often and even if I’m busy and can’t answer, he leaves a nice and often funny message.

Throughout my life, my folks have given me phenomenal gifts. Starting with the gift of my life. It probably goes with out saying here but I will say it anyway because sometimes I love to celebrate the obvious- Without my folks, I wouldn’t even have been born and that would mean that you would be reading some other Facebook post right now. I am lucky.

My parents are the best gift I could I have asked for in this life. The vast majority of my life I have been aware of the profound gift of my parents and thanked them for it. (I had a few rounds of teenage and then a few more rounds of twenty-something rebellion where I didn’t always remember to be grateful, but luckily I grew out of them relatively quickly:)

From the time I was born, my parents saw the best in me and the gift that I was. But once upon a time (many once upon a times in fact), I failed to see the gift that I was.

A huge part of my journey has been slowly becoming aware of the gift that my life is. Now I see that my life is a gift both for me (it’s so fun to have a body and a mind) and for those around me including my parents, my extended family, my friends, the groups I speak to, the people I coach (I could list individual names but that would make for an even longer post ((you get the idea)).

I believe we are called to 1. Love the gifts we are given.  2. To love offering others the gifts we can. 3. To love the gift that our own life upon this earth is. Of 1 through 3, which is most important to you and why?

Learning To Balance

I finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels,

in forth grade, years after my classmates. I had wanted to ride since first grade and my lack of success wasn’t for lack of trying. I kept the Band-Aid Company in business in those years.

Once I finally learned to ride, oh my goodness, it was fun. Suddenly, empty parking lots were my playground. I could ride in loops for hours. I stayed on the bike, no worry about a skinned up this or that, no blood, just balance. Balance! BALANCE!

Now days, I have a new bike I want to ride. This bike is called speaking to groups six to eleven times a week. I’m excited to speak to junior high, high school, and college students. I’m excited to speak to the teams that make small businesses work, and the teams that make large corporations work.

Why do I want to speak to so many groups? Because we are all powerful, magnificent, creative, and wise. But instead of savoring this truth about ourselves, we often feel like we go through our days skinning knees and elbows instead of achieving balance.

For most of my life, I would wait and wait for the right moment to speak up, while I formulated exactly what I was going to say in my head. I thought the sound of my voice was stupid, so I wanted every word of my mouth to sound brilliant.

But you know what would happen? While I was busy working up the perfect thing to say in my head, the conversation would move on before I allowed myself to contribute. Then, I would think to myself “Oh what I had to say wasn’t that important anyway.”

I want to speak 6 to 11 times a week because each of our voices matter.


Respect Your Ideas


You may have learned to become scared of your good ideas because you see that you get all excited about them, but then many of them never materialize. First know that any idea you have that you feel excitement about moves you forward because you are learning that you can come up with ideas that you love. This is invaluable. Next if you get your idea down on paper you move another step. Now you have a space to hold the idea as your heart and mind move onto creating other exciting ideas. Then if you tell someone else about your exciting idea, you are gifting another person with the joy you have created within you. And wow, if you come up with one small action towards bringing the idea into physical form that is amazing. Suddenly, you are riding the Next Step Train. Your idea will gain a life of its own as it is given physical form.

Big ideas always take a community to create. There’s no such thing as a one person basketball team, a one person large company, a one person world-changing movement. Our brilliant ideas are reminders that we have this life to meet other people, to play (work) with other people and to love other people. When we build community and collaborate around our magnificent ideas, often as a byproduct we will make money. Making money can be a very welcome byproduct, but it’s always a byproduct when we move from the excitement of creating. The first aim of an idea created with heart is always to connect, to expand life, to bring joy, to celebrate, to birth love, to cast out fear.

Limited To Gifted




Like bad weather, do you have some circumstances in your life that seem beyond your control?

I know what that feels like.

Taken by themselves, the circumstances at my birth which led to my speech challenge and movement differences were pretty neutral.

But like buying vowels on the Wheel of Fortune, I realize now that I used my mind to add immeasurably to my natural impediments.

For many years, I added on the impediment of invisibility, the impediment of serious self-doubt and self-criticism, the impediment of worry and high anxiety, not to mention the impediment of guilt, shame and denial about my “disability.” (These are not the kind of add-ons you want.) By adding mental complications to my natural ones, I created what you might call a tangled, thorny mess.

Much of my healing over the last seven years has come from using different techniques to untangle this bramble. Some of the techniques, like yoga, have been around for thousands of years. Other techniques I invented as I went along because I love creating ways that promote healing.

The irony is as I untangled this confusion in my life, how I understood the circumstances that seemed beyond my control totally changed. My speech and coordination, which I once considered a shameful physical disability, now seem like one of the most profound gifts I have ever been given.

What circumstances in your life seem beyond your control? What mental complications might you be adding to these circumstances? What techniques can you use in your untangling process? What is you next step?

If you are looking for a guide in this process, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.


(Photo: I took this in August 2014 as I was traveling through the California desert at sunset)

Do you feel stuck in life? Watch this!


Every disability has ability inside of it.

In an ever-changing world, our present limits are always temporary.  If we live by these words, we always search for ways to turn our present obstacles into gifts as we move towards our full potential.

Jason Freeman guides people as they transform their disabilities into abilities, their limits into gifts.  He believes that each of us has magnificent potential, often much more than we give ourselves credit for.